Hot Sails Maui SummerFreak - Old School Original Sail

Old School Original Windsurfing Sail


Lazy summer days with breezes that barely invite you onto the water are perfect for the SUMMERFREAK sail. We didn’t reinvent the wheel with this sail design, in fact we extrapolated the cut and feel of the original Windsurfer® dacron sail sold with the first commercial sailboard ever made. 

This sail will rig on virtually any mast ever made and so long as you have a long boom to rig it on, you are ready to go in under a minute as it is so simple to rig.

In winds under 10 knots, no other sail will touch this in upwind, or speed as it is so light and powerful with little wind needed.

The SUMMERFREAK is a perfect match for the new Windsurfer® LT and other displacement boards as the long boom helps in many old school freestyle tricks that the current one design rig does not excel at. Also the 3 size options are great for various size sailors and really keep the board moving in the lightest wind.

The very long boom and significant shape take full advantage of any air movement. The sail is also extremely effective at pumping in next to no wind at all.

If you want simplicity and a fun throwback to simpler times, the SUMMERFREAK is your answer.



  • Superfreak Dacron that has more memory than stiffer heavy dacrons of the past.
  • Three sewn in mini battens.
  • PVC window never scratches 
  • Ultra light, Ultra simple.
  • Custom colors available