GPX - No Cam Xply slalom by Hot Sails Maui



The 2022 GPX is a fully mature design tuned to perfection. We wanted to combine the best characteristics of race sails, but eliminate any rigging hassle or technical knowledge to get the most from this sail.

The result is a powerful, fast and fun freeride sail which morphs from a super fast flat water freerace design in the larger sizes into a more low-end power bump and jump sail in the smaller sizes.

To ensure that the sail remained durable we chose the SlamLam® window as used in the wave sails together with the 2 mil Dimension/Polyant  laminate in the upper body to reduce weight and maintain strength. The GPX features our lightweight mast pad that provides excellent protection at a very light weight.

The compact 3D shaping enables riders to use shorter masts and enhances rider control, and overall rig weight is reduced. The sailing experience will be best when combined with the ULTRA 100% RDM however the GPX is more forgiving and will be excellent on any of our masts.



  • 6 battens with 3 epoxy tube race sail battens
  • All X-ply construction
  • ODL09 Technora patches
  • 8mm battens with exclusive SuperSkin® covers
  • Symmetrical Batten System (SBS)
  • New .55mm thickness Ox Webbing UHMWPE luff sleeve
  • Compact 3D shaping
  • Boom height markings printed inside and out the boom opening
  • Genuine sailmaker’s leather chafe trim
  • New easy roll sleeve top
  • Dimension “Flex” triple laminate luff top reinforcing
  • Foot edge raised bead for maximum deck chafe resistance
  • Removable triple pulley downhaul in 316 Stainless and bronze
  • 900kg strength UHMWPE tack pulley webbing
  • Ribbed EVA mast pad with 5cm wide hook and loop closure