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The 2024 LKS3 Lithium is the newest addition to this legacy sail design. We took one of the lightest sails in the world and made it the undisputed lightest production wave sail in the world as of this writing. For example; our 4.9m KS3 has a very light weight of 3.10 kilos while the new Lithium cuts 30% of that weight resulting in 2.1kg of unimaginable performance. Not only is the sail lightweight, but the material we use developed in conjunction with Dimension/Polyant simply gives the sail a whole new set of feelings. When underpowered, the KS3 feels tighter and more powerful, getting up on a plane earlier, and yet when overpowered the sail feels softer than a stock KS3, making it even “surfier” in the hand.

Originally developed 1in 2013 by Kauli Seadi, Jeffrey Henderson, and Tom Hammerton, the KS3 has consistently proven itself as the undisputed finest and most respected 3 batten wave sail. Considered by many as one of the best wave sails regardless of the number of battens, the KS3 has won many of the Aloha Classic contests in the pro division. In 2022 it won the first PWA wave contest in Capo Verde with Bernd Roediger beating the world’s best on his KS3.  It is the only 3 batten sail proven to perform amazingly at the highest level of wave riding, and many have found it to be the best down the line wave sail in the world.

The KS3 is the most stable and direct sail in our line. It is powerful yet unbelievably stable as the three-batten design has radically less sail momentum which leads to faster response times and improved feel. The result is a more explosive wave ride and quicker action in the air. For those not in the waves, the KS3 is an amazing sail that seemingly does not get overpowered and maintains a locked-in feel under all wind conditions.

The lithium 4 mil monofilm window has been reduced in sizes to enable the absurdly lightweight we attained. It is very clear, and has been holding up very well. The thinner film is actually less vulnerable to cracking and failing than a heavier monofilm, and it feels more less stiff. The front of the window continues open vision to the mast. The experience of wave riding with virtually no visual restrictions makes this feature a dramatic improvement. It is helpful even on flat water while making jibes. It makes other maneuvers so much easier by having more visual peripheral perception which improves your balance. This is the most significant change in the KS3 since its inception.

We added of SPIDERwebbing® ripstop in the foot area and a new top chafe pad made from our recently improved lightweight ROX Webbing. The ROX material sleeve will resist even a broken mast!

New for 2024 sails are new unbreakable epoxy battens. We have had many batten breaks over the last 10 years due to the extraordinary loads put on a 3 batten sail in the surf. We finally have found a solution and all new Hot Sails take advantage of this significant development. We still continue with our ballistic batten SuperSkin® on all 8mm and mini battens. This skin adds structure and helps contain batten breakage allowing for mess-free replacement with no sail damage.


2024 KS3 Lithium Specifications


● The lightest production wave sail available anywhere. Our lightest, most nimble wave sail

● Jeffrey Henderson/Kauli Seadi design
● Three full-length epoxy battens with exclusive SuperSkin® reinforcing
● Two 3mm “mini” battens with exclusive SuperSkin® reinforcing
● Stabilized indestructible ROX Webbing UHMWPE luff sleeve
● S bend batten de-power and shape stability system
● New easy roll sleeve top
● DP® Sailcloth Flex triple laminate luff top reinforcing
● Single position 20mm stainless steel press clew ring
● 4 mil optically clear monofilm window
● DP® Sailcloth Technora® tack and clew reinforcing
● Boom height markings printed inside and out the boom opening
UHMWPE Spider webbing ripstop
● Fully accessible mini-battens
● Spider webbing edge raised bead for maximum deck chafe resistance
● Removable triple pulley downhaul in 316 Stainless and bronze
● 900kg strength UHMWPE tack pulley webbing

● Ribbed EVA mast pad with new mini-5cm wide hook and loop closure



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