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HotSailsMaui Frontpage

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35 years ago I landed on Maui on a rainy windy day in the spring of 1985. Hookipa was blown out and I remember only a few world cup guys were sailing in the gray northeast waves on 4.0m size sails. I didn’t go out, I was here to set up shop fresh of the plane from Marblehead Massachusetts. I could sail later.

Well it is 35 years later and I sail as much as I want, usually just 4-5 days a week, for short 30-60 minutes sessions. I sail more now than I did when I arrived as a 23 year old young man with something to prove. That something was to show that my style of sailmaking had merit and I could compete with the biggest brands in the world on the water and in business.

Now I am a bit more relaxed about my approach to sailmaking. Relaxed, and a lot more experienced as a sailmaker and a sailor. 

Having sailed all over the world on just about every kind of windsurfing board, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge that goes into every sail I make. With approximately 100,000 windsurfing sails made during the last 35 years, I am stoked to offer my latest line of 2020 sails for all windsurfers.

So check them out, come visit on Maui, or just order up and get a little Maui spirit in your next “perfect session” I want you to experience.