Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail

The is result of over 6 years of development with foil master Bruno Andre of AFS France, one of the premiere foil brands in the world. This sail is extremely high aspect, has a very tight leech and develops extreme power for lift off and then is easily controlled when up on foil. With a long luff and short boom the wing like outline is similar to sails and wings used of high performance foil sail boats. The tight leech not only provides giant power in very little wind, it also allows the sail to be controlled by sheet angle not twist like modern windsurfing sails. Very quick to rig up and light in the hand, there is really no other foil sail on the market with such specific performance for foiling.


Light Wind

SuperFly Sail Features

  • 6 battens with 3 epoxy tube race sail tube battens
  • All X-ply construction
  • 8mm battens with exclusive SuperSkin® covers
  • Symmetrical Batten System (SBS)
  • New .55mm thickness Ox Webbing UHMWPE luff sleeve
  • Compact 3D shaping
  • Boom height markings printed inside and out the boom opening
  • Genuine sailmaker's leather chafe trim
  • New easy roll sleeve top
  • Dimension "Flex" triple laminate luff top reinforcing
  • Foot edge raised bead for maximum deck chafe resistance
  • Removable triple pulley downhaul in 316 Stainless and bronze
  • 900kg strength UHMWPE tack pulley webbing
  • Ribbed EVA mast pad with 5cm wide hook and loop closure
  • Ultra-long leech for precise low twist control


Size Luff Boom Ideal Mast Battens Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
5.5 448 179 430 6 6.3 2.9
7.0 496 197 490 6 6.8 3.1
8.0 524 203 520 6 7.5 3.4