Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail

The KAULI 90% carbon RDM mast is the strongest mast we have ever made. A slight flex top mast perfect for the KS3 and all our wave sails the Kauli is the toughest. In the 4 years we have supplied it, we have only had one mast break each year! Kauli has never broken one, and he does not hold back. This strength is worldwide!

Now in it's fourth year of production we have such low failure rate that this mast is proven solid beyond our expectations. If you are pushing hard, maybe too hard, this is the mast you need.

The Kauli is basically a 100% carbon mast that we then wrap in ballistic fiberglass prepreg to protect against the direct impact of rocks, reefs, and as any hard impacts than can happen in extreme conditions, or extreme travel.

If you want the best strength, with reasonable weight, the Kauli is your best choice!

Kauli 90% Pre-preg Carbon Features

RDM (Reduced Diameter Mast)

As with all the masts we have produced over the decades, the Kauli is a slight flex top design that delivers the perfect match to any and all Hot sails Maui sails from 1985 onwards!

The Kauli masts enjoy the same size spigot joint as the Monster and the Ultra, so all three mast models are interchangeable

The Kauli masts enjoy the same bend curve as the Monster and the Ultra, so all three mast models are interchangeable

90% Prepreg carbon fiber construction, 10% ballistic glass fiber outer for impact protection. Manufactured using pre-preg composite fiber in a 'roll-wrapping' process to produce masts of the highest possible standard. The unique pressure wrapping system, developed after years of exhaustive R&D ensures hi-tech composite tubing of the ultimate in strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios.

Each mast is supplied with a durable padded mast bag with all plastic corrosion free zipper for convenient storage.


Size Length(Feet) Stifness(MCS) Stifness(IMCS) Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
340 11'2" 24 13 2.9 1.3
370 12'2" 25 16 3.5 1.6
400 13'2" 26 19 4 1.85
430 14'1" 27 23 4.29 1.99