Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail

The ULTRA is a no-compromise slight flex top RDM mast from the initial concept right through to the final product, no expense has been spared. Quite simply we set out to make the highest performance mast on the market. When we say highest performance, we mean strong enough for all kinds of extreme sailing.

All fibers in the ULTRA are carbon, including the boom re-enforcement.

Our mast is pure, nothing added just carbon. We were determined to produce a premium quality mast, not necessarily the very lightest which would surpass all others in terms of strength. We don't want you swimming home.

Throughout the development phase we tested countless masts from five different carbon factories to destruction in the brutal Hawaii waves. We constantly re-evaluated the performance and characteristics to ensure that the new mast perfectly complimented our full range of sails.

The new ULTRA RDM mast is lighter, reacts quicker and will take a respectable beating. Made under tight controls by a European company with British sourced Prepreg carbon the ULTRA 100% carbon mast is the performance boost you were looking for and your rig will never quite feel the same again!

Hot Rod Ultra 100% Carbon Features

RDM (Reduced Diameter Mast)

As with all the masts we have produced over the decades, the Ultra is a slight flex top design that delivers the perfect match to any and all Hot sails Maui sails from 1985 onwards!

The Ultra masts enjoy the same size spigot joint as the Monster and the Kauli, so all three mast models are interchangeable

The Ultra masts enjoy the same bend curve as the Monster and the Kauli, so all three mast models are interchangeable

100% Prepreg carbon fiber construction. Manufactured using pre-preg composite fiber in a 'roll-wrapping' process to produce masts of the highest possible standard. The unique pressure wrapping system, developed after years of exhaustive R&D ensures hi-tech composite tubing of the ultimate in strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios.

Each mast is supplied with a leather trimmed durable padded mast bag with all plastic corrosion free zipper for convenient storage.


Size Length(Feet) Stifness(MCS) Stifness(IMCS) Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
340 11'2" 24 13 2.6 1.18
370 12'2" 25 16 3.1 1.4
400 13'2" 26 19 3.4 1.5
430 14'1" 27 23 3.9 1.8
460 15'1" 26 26 4.4 2
490 16'1" 25 28 4.9 2.2