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The 2019 SpeedFreak is our most comfortable freeride sail for light wind flat-water sailing in a similar style as our Dacron SuperFreak.

This season we again reduced the sail's weight. The 10m is barely over 10 pounds! That is 47 grams per square meter of sail! But the FEEL of the sail in your hands is even lighter than the physical weight. The rotation of the camber is so smooth you will barely notice it is even there

The SpeedFreak is an amazingly smooth riding sail. It is much easier to sail than a comparable monofilm freeride sail as the dacron absorbs the gusts, and the sail can be pumped onto a plane in very little wind. The ride is completely quiet and jibing is so smooth you would never guess you on a speed type sail with a single camber.

The sail is not critical of your sailing style either. If your harness lines are a little out of balance, or your outhaul is slightly too tight or too loose, this sail can work with you. It turns lighter wind sailing into a completely low stress pleasure. It is no slouch for top end speed either equipped with race sail style tube battens for draft stability and weight reduction.

With a super smooth rotating single cam below the boom the larger sizes stay fully shaped at all times. Full power while jibing or water starting and delivering a stable pull between gusts and lulls.



SpeedFreak Sail Features

The main body of the sail is made of 3 different weight Dacrons with the high-tension downhaul supported with 125 micron Dimension X-Ply®. The sail is available with or without a PVC window.
  • 6 battens total
  • One low pressure camber to set sail shape.
  • RDM or SDM compatable.
  • 4 Epoxy tube race sail battens
  • New .55mm thickness Ox Webbing UHMWPE luff sleeve
  • Durable Dacron®, X-Ply® & PVC construction
  • Easy rigging and de-rigging
  • Extremely crease and wrinkle resistant
  • Smooth, and quiet power delivery
  • Colorful & Lightweight
  • New easy roll sleeve top
  • Dimension "Flex" triple laminate luff top reinforcing
  • Fully accessible mini-battens
  • Foot edge raised bead for maximum deck chafe resistance
  • Triple pulley downhaul in 316 Stainless and bronze
  • Ribbed EVA mast pad with 5cm wide hook and loop closure
The SpeedFreak is available in custom colors, please let us know how you would like your new sail to look, alternatively you can choose one of the production colors. . We also can make the no cam 7 batten version for any customers requesting that older design.


Size Luff Boom Ideal Mast Battens Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
5.5 421 175 400 6 8.4 3.8
6.5 460 190 430 6 8.8 4
7.5 479 204 460 6 9.3 4.2
8.5 505 209 490 6 9.7 4.4
10.0 521 234 490 6 10.4 4.7