Scott LaRue Quiver




$810 2021 KS3 4.3m C5
$840 2021 4.9m in C5
$220 Used KSSpider 3.7m
$585 Kauli 90% Mast 340
$605 Kauli 90% Mast 370
$800 Kauli RDG 135- 185 Carbon Boom
$3860 Sub Total
less 30%
$2702 sub Total before tax
$126.18 4.67% GET +Oahu
$2828.18 This is your total if you want to deposit a check in my business account at any BOH branch. Check payable to HSM LLC Account number 0003-05270 If you want use a credit card $61.00 Credit card fee of 3%

Shipping on Hawaiian Airlines cargo collect


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