Superfreak Maui Edition

The SuperFreak Maui Edition is Jeffrey Henderson's new personal design wave sail. He took everything he loves about the SuperFreak, (and that is nearly everything) and combined it with all the most contemporary pure wave sail features.

The result is a sail with a much more loose leech, extreme maneuverability, and is very lightweight yet tough. It is designed for wave riding and also for freestyle as there is more room for your body to move in extreme moves.

Landing jumps like a back loop is easier with the looser leech, and any underwater recovery is a snap. Power is strong; with better pull out of low wind situations due to the increased shape below the boom.

Check out our SuperFreak Maui Edition Features
The Superfreak Maui Edition is super tough. The Maui Edition adds a heavier foot panel, and lower stretch panels in the upper part of the sail to allow for higher down haul loads.

The construction is second to none, and the durability of the materials is legendary. All the edges of woven cloths are folded and hemmed under, all seams are glued and triple stitched. The mast sleeve can withstand having the mast break in two and splinter without damage to the sail. These are not normal features on ANY other brand of sail.

So take this sail for a trip over any reef and punish them all you want, you will not be disappointed.
Made from 7 to 10 strips of our lightweight Dynamic Dacron. Over lapping all layers from the grommet and fanning out to single ply reinforcing. The fan patch efficiently distributes loads while staying lightweight. Dual stainless steel pressed clew rings allow for different clew heights and can be used to adjust leech tension.
The soft full-length skid pad protects both the sail and the sailor. The soft EVA prevents scratches and chafing of the sailor's legs giving confidence to push hard and not worry about scraped legs!
New removable HSM tack pulley made with superior 316 stainless steel that won't rust in salt water (unlike our competitors 304 stainless) and bronze pulley wheels. This is a significantly stronger, corrosion free pulley than any other on the market.
The mast pad built into the bottom of the mast sleeve provides maximum protection for the board and the sailor. The pad can be opened on one side to provide easy access to the mast extension and adjustment collar when rigging. Inside the bottom of the pad is a mesh pocket to stow the down haul line and other small items. The mast pad has logoed rubber chafing strips on the side to prevent wear from the board deck grip.
The luff sleeve is marked with a boom height guide to make it easy to set the boom at the right height every time.
Our mast sleeve is made with our exclusive Ox Webbing® leading edge and a combination of woven cloth sides triple stitched together. The mast sleeve is immensely strong and resistant to abrasion. This sleeve will laugh off a rock trip or a broken mast without damage.
Real sail makers leather protection is found at the end of each batten pocket as well as encasing the top of the mast sleeve. The unidirectional nature of the leather provides far longer lasting protection than any synthetic material. The leather has the ability to absorb reef scrapes while plastics tend to tear or peal off in chunks after minor damage.
Super strong vinyl-ester rod battens with tapers ground to individual specifications for each sail. Each size of every sail has it's own set of custom tapered battens designed to exactly match the sail shape. The battens and the sail shape work together to provide maximum stability.
Patches and plys are mirrored on both sides of the sail for superior strength. All edges are hemmed for strength and to prevent fraying.
All HSM seams are glued and fabric taped x2 for maximum strength - even the ones you can't see (our competitors don't tape seams that are under batten pockets).
15000 denier Kevlar® structural skeleton that takes all static loads. Each strand has a breaking strength of 450Kg and in 10 years less than .01% have broken.
The Wrap Strap, which is neatly incorporated into the mast pad, can be used to secure your sail when rolled up.
Unique to all sails in the mainstream windsurf market; the SuperFreak can be ordered in ANY color combination. No extra charge is added, only extra time to make it especially for you!
The SuperFreak is designed with the 2 battens above the boom stopping short of the mast. This allows a small part of the sail to "luff" and creates a de-power system unknown in all other sails. This system can be used as a clutch to de-power at any time.
All PVC window for excellent visibility and endless endurance. Stays clear for the life of the sail.
The foot is cut almost straight from the tack to the clew. This allows far more room below the boom for extreme maneuvering. Unhindered by the foot of the sail you will be amazed how much more radical maneuvers can become.
Size Luff Boom Ideal Mast # of Battens Weight (LB) Weight (KG)

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