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The SpeedFreak sail was developed by Jeffrey Henderson in conjunction with our forum participants. The idea was to make a fast SuperFreak for light wind flat-water sailing in the same style as our Dacron® SuperFreak and we are thrilled with the result.

This season we really put the SpeedFreak on a diet and cut down a lot on the sails weight, but more importantly, the WET sail weight. The new .55mm thickness OX webbing can reduce a wet sail weight by up to 3 pounds!

The SpeedFreak is an amazingly smooth riding sail. It is much easier to sail than a comparable monofilm freeride sail as the dacron absorbs the gusts, and the sail can be pumped onto a plane in very little wind. The ride is completely quiet and jibing is so smooth you would never guess you on a speed type sail.

The sail is not critical of your sailing style either. If your harness lines are a little out of balance, or your outhaul is slightly too tight or too loose, this sail can work with you. It turns lighter wind sailing into a completely low stress pleasure. It is no slouch for top end speed either equipped with race sail style tube battens for draft stability and weight reduction.

Now available with a super smooth rotating single cam below the boom the larger sizes stay fully shaped at all times. Full power while jibing, and water starting delivering a stable pull between gusts and lulls.



SpeedFreak Sail Features

The main body of the sail is made of 3 different weight Dacrons with the high-tension downhaul supported with 125 micron Polyant/Dimension X-Ply®. The sail is available with or without a PVC window.
  • 6 battens total
  • One low pressure camber to set sail shape
  • 4 Epoxy tube race sail battens
  • New .55mm thickness Ox Webbing UHMWPE luff sleeve
  • Durable Dacron®, X-Ply® & PVC construction
  • Easy rigging and de-rigging
  • Extremely crease and wrinkle resistant
  • Smooth, and quiet power delivery
  • Colorful
  • Lightweight
The SpeedFreak is available in custom colors, please let us know how you would like your new sail to look, alternatively you can choose one of the production colors. . We also can make the no cam 7 batten version for any customers requesting that older design.


Size Luff Boom Ideal Mast Battens Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
5.5 421 175 400 6 8.8 4
6.5 460 190 430 6 9.2 4.2
7.5 479 204 460 6 9.7 4.4
8.5 505 209 490 6 10.5 4.7
10.0 521 234 490 6 11 4.8