Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail

The MicroFreak is a high performance sail and functions identically to an adult sail by spilling powerful gusts with a twisting at the head.

Sized from 0.8 to 3.7, the Hot Sails Maui high performance kids' sails + rigs for children aged 3 to 13 years old are still the only serious choice available for performance kids' windsurfing.

Sizes from 0.8 to the 2.7 all rig on an extendable composite mast and alloy boom. The rig is designed to function simply by adding sections to the mast extending it to accommodate the larger sail sizes. Sail sizes 2.8, 3.2 and 3.8 rig perfectly on the new HotRod 310 prepreg (RDM) fiberglass mast and a longer boom that come standard with the 2.8 - 3.8 youth power rig package.

The MicroFreak is constructed exclusively from Dacron and PVC making it the most resilient sail construction against the harmful UV rays as well as the common abuse that kids normally subject their belongings to.

Give your child the gift of a great rig so they can realize their windsurfing potential.


Hard Core Wave
On-Shore Wave
Off-Shore Wave
Soft Wave

MicroFreak Sail Features

The Microfreak is one of the best built and well thought out kid's sails in the world.

The construction is second to none, and the durability of the materials is legendary. All the edges of woven cloths are folded and hemmed under, all seams are glued and triple stitched. The sails are light, but able to spend season after season of punishment in the sun and in the shore break with little damage.

So take your kids and punish these sails all you want, you will not be disappointed.


Size Luff Boom Ideal Mast Battens Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
0.8 150 91 MM x 2 4 2 0.9
1.2 191 94 MM x 3 4 2.3 1
1.6 209 105 MM x 3 4 2.7 1.2
2.1 259 122 MM x 4 4 3.5 1.6