The latest evolution of the GPS builds on the amazing raw speed, light weight and handling of the 2013. Feedback from our team indicated that the only quality lacking was comfort and control in extreme conditions. So we have reduced the directness slightly and given the sail a little softer feel with more dynamic twist. In the real world control is directly translated to speed so the ability to keep the sail locked down and sheeted in no matter what delivers genuine speed benefits. In testing the sail has proven easier to sail with higher average speeds.

New materials for 2014 is the improved lightweight HSL1.5A scrim used in the leech and the addition of Technora to the MPKT6 sleeve material for lower stretch.

Sizing has been adjusted to change the 8.8m2 to 9.0m2 and the 9.9 m2 has been deleted. The 9.0 m2 focuses primarily on low end power and early planning and can get you going in virtually the same wind as the 2013 9.9 m2.

The small sizes 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 have been significantly softened with more twist (more so in 5.0 with less in 6.0) to better handle the large gusts and variations in windspeed inherent in strong wind sailing.

GPS Sails Features
  • 8 Tube Battens
  • 4 Cambers
  • 5 mini battens
  • Super light HSL1.5A laminate
  • ODL09 Technora patches
  • 898 High Modulus Adhesive Film (898HMAF)
  • Symmetrical Batten System (SBS)
  • Double Taper Battens (DTB)
  • High Performance Airfoil Camber (HPAC)
  • Compact 3D shaping
  • Lightweight Technora luff Sleeve
New removable HSM tack pulley made with superior 316 stainless steel that won't rust in salt water (unlike our competitors 304 stainless) and bronze pulley wheels. This is a significantly stronger, corrosion free pulley than any other on the market.
The luff sleeve is marked with a boom height guide to make it easy to set the boom at the right height every time.
Our mast sleeve is made with our exclusive Ox Webbing® leading edge and a combination of woven cloth sides triple stitched together. The mast sleeve is immensely strong and resistant to abrasion. This sleeve will laugh off a rock trip or a broken mast without damage.
Real sail makers leather protection is found at the end of each batten pocket as well as encasing the top of the mast sleeve. The unidirectional nature of the leather provides far longer lasting protection than any synthetic material. The leather has the ability to absorb reef scrapes while plastics tend to tear or peal off in chunks after minor damage.
Super strong vinyl-ester rod battens with tapers ground to individual specifications for each sail. Each size of every sail has it's own set of custom tapered battens designed to exactly match the sail shape. The battens and the sail shape work together to provide maximum stability.
Patches and plys are mirrored on both sides of the sail for superior strength. All edges are hemmed for strength and to prevent fraying.
All HSM seams are glued and fabric taped x2 for maximum strength - even the ones you can't see (our competitors don't tape seams that are under batten pockets).
The Wrap Strap, which is neatly incorporated into the mast pad, can be used to secure your sail when rolled up.
The sails are hung from the sides of the mast sleeve to provide an even loading of the top of the sail body. This area is reinforced with an advanced multi-layer laminate from Dimension Polyant. This material is very low stretch while still being flexible with excellent strength and durability.
The new aero luff sleeve is wider at the bottom for a better aerodynamic performance and features X166 ultra lightweight X-ply construction. This enables a better profile in the critical transition area of the sails foil. The result is more power and less drag with an improved operating range.
The new camber inducer allows for a greater angle between the batten and mast and so we are able to better align the battens with the airflow to reduce drag. The #7 batten now crosses the boom from below the boom opening to above the clew. This also helps improve the rigidity of the sail.
The four-roller camber inducer has less operational limitations than the old camber which will allow the cambers to align better with the mast. They provide a deep camber with a smooth transition and easy rotation. This camber was designed specifically for the GPS and use on RDM masts. (SDM sized cams included)
The head batten has been shortened to improve the aerodynamic performance and reduce drag. The smaller batten resists buffeting and will not flop around in strong winds. This also reduces weight at the top of the sail.
Seven tube battens are used in every size GPS sail delivering insane stability and full control in high wind.
Size Luff Boom Ideal Mast # of Battens Weight (LB) Weight (KG)