Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail

The KAULI 90% carbon mast took 18 months to develop, we wanted the best and it takes time to achieve perfection.

The KAULI is a no-compromise mast from the initial concept right through to the final product. Quite simply we set out make the highest performance mast on the market.

The mast starts with all fibers in the KAULI being carbon, including the boom re-enforcement. Then we add a layer of fiberglass simply as an outter sacrificial later to protect the carbon below.

Our mast is made to be thrashed. Following the success of the KS3 we were determined to produce a premium quality mast, which would surpass all others in terms of durability while remaining lightweight.

Kauli 90% Pre-preg Carbon Features

  • RDM
  • 90% Prepreg carbon construction
  • Inter-changeable top and bottom allow multiple options
  • Produced in and shipped from the EU


Size Length(Feet) Stifness(MCS) Stifness(IMCS) Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
340 11'2" 24 13 2.93 1.33
370 12'2" 25 16 3.615 1.64
400 13'2" 26 19 4.1 1.86
430 14'1" 27 23 4.29 1.95