Hot Sails Maui - Windsurf sail

The mast is the heart of the rig. The wrong mast can ruin the performance of a good sail, or end your day with a long swim. We designed our mast with the intent to maximize durability, quality and performance.

Our pressure wrapping system ensures prepreg composite tubing of the ultimate in strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios. This mast was designed and built to our specifications with a blend of hi-tech and hand made craftsmanship.

The mast diameter has been carefully engineered to optimize the properties of carbon fibre, and the mast bend is designed to get the maximum performance from the sail. The stiff lower section of the mast helps to generate power and stability, whilst the softer tip section gives maximum control and comfort.

Hot Rod 97% Carbon RDM Features

Our newly designed integrated tapered joint with continuous fibers throughout the whole structure distributes the loads perfectly and insures excellent stiffness and strength transition between the two mast sections.

Our masts come with a high quality boom shim that is designed to adapt to almost every brand-name boom. The shim not only ensures a secure connection between the mast and the boom but also extends the life of the mast by reducing the amount of fatigue on the mast and sailor.

Manufactured using pre-preg carbon fiber in a "roll-wrapping" process to produce masts of the highest possible standard. The unique pressure wrapping system, developed after years of exhaustive R&D ensures hi-tech composite tubing of the ultimate in strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios.

Each mast is supplied with a color coded durable padded mast bag for convenient storage. We believe windsurfing should be easy and uncomplicated and our masts and mast bags are color coded for length so you will always grab the right mast.


Size Length(Feet) Stifness(MCS) Stifness(IMCS) Weight (LB) Weight (KG)
310 10'2" 25 10 3 1.4
340 11'2" 24 13 2.8 1.2
370 12'2" 25 16 3 1.3
400 13'2" 26 19 3.6 1.6
430 14'1" 27 23 4.2 1.9
460 15'1" 26 26 4.8 2.2
490 16'1" 25 28 5.2 2.3