Topic: HSM Freestyle 4.0 as kid's sail good idea?


My 14 year old daughther is outgrowing her 3.2 microfreak. She now occansianally uses my Fire 4.2, which is not ideal (heavy for her).

I can pick up a second hand HSM Freestyle 2016 size 4.0. What about using this as a kid's sail? I think this could a good idea as I expect the sail to handle easy and it is much lighter than the 4.2 Fire.

Anyone any thoughts on this?



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Re: HSM Freestyle 4.0 as kid's sail good idea?

Depends on what kind of sailing she does, really, but if she's a "normal" girl in a windsurfing family but not a hotshot working on tricks and moves, AND if weight is an issue (my experience for youth up to early-/mid-adolescence), then I'd probably suggest a KS3 or KS SPIDER. If overall durability is an issue, probably a Super Freak classic.

Freestyle sails are made to be really powerful to pull up to a moderate speed plane for freestyle aerials. So they tend to have a lot of draft and tight leeches good for pumping the rig. I haven't used the Freestyle, but reading others reports and what I know about freestyle and gear, as a purchaser this is what I'd be looking for in a freestyle sail of any brand. If she's into that, or maybe even close to that, it might be a great choice.

But if she's a "normal" mid-teens girl in a sailing/windsurfing family who is working on the usual progressor type of things (harness, jibing, wants to waterstart because she gets tired uphauling, etc.), then I'd go for something light and forgiving in gusts. In that case, the KS3 or Spider would be the call. A less powerful choice (i.e., not pulling as hard) would be the Super Freak, which I find to be pretty light but is heavier than  the KS's...but if she wants something bright, colorful, and durable as heck then a Freak would be a good call.

Hope this helps...

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Re: HSM Freestyle 4.0 as kid's sail good idea?

Thanks, it certainly helps...

She's indeed a "normal" windsurfing girl. She's currently mastering using the harnass (which proves to be a significant hurdle...) and a very hard forward pulling sail is then indeed not be ideal...

I'm looking at local second hand options as you never know what these teenager are interested in next year....

There is also a 4.2 classic SF on the market (completely white ...;-) ).

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Re: HSM Freestyle 4.0 as kid's sail good idea?

I love Freaks, and there is a reason that HSM keeps selling them...they're great all-around funboard type sails. Family friendly, and if you're ever looking out on the water wondering where someone is, the Freaks are instantly identifiable over all others. Good traits for beginners are that they're gentle to power-up (the meaning of "soft" - not full-on power all at once - which gives time to react to changes from gusts, etc.), and they are easy to control when massively overpowered. Both are traits that are progressing-sailor friendly.

Compared to sails of yore, they're quite light, but no longer among the lightest because of design and materials. But they can take a real beating and last forever. If you can get a used Freak that ends up being her strong-to-moderate wind sail in a year or two, not a bad option. Just don't tell her that they can be custom ordered and she can design her own...

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Re: HSM Freestyle 4.0 as kid's sail good idea?

New Freaks are light again... Eliminated the heavy polyester webbing sleeve for a Spectra/Dyneema weave that is WAY lighter and does not retain water.

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