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Surfingsen wrote:

This is a question to all of you using your old raceboards with modern sails...
Do you have problems with getting it to plane on a reach?

This is the reason for my question;
I use a SpeedFreak 7.5 on my old F2 Lightning WCR in light to moderate winds - and it performs really well on all tacks in a light breeze, even getting planing on a beating etc. - but when I go on a reach (half wind and below) with the mast track all the way back, dagger up etc. and there should be enough wind - it just seems like it does not want to come up on a plane!

My thoughts about it are these:
The Speedfreak's power and also it's shorter boom, make the CoE located forward compared to the old cambered sails, so therefore it seems like the rear straps and fin are to far back to fit the CoE of the sail (or the sail cannot come far enough back).
So when on a reach the rear straps just seem to far back, and I have to make gymnastic movements to even try to get into the straps big_smile - and I can't really push off the fin as that also feels to far back.

Therefore it feels like if, by moving the fin forward to just behind the dagger, and cutting of approx. 20 cm of the tail, might do the trick? (It just hurts inside thinking of doing that to this board)

What are your thoughts on this?

If the fin is moved as far forward as you suggest the board will overpower and start tailwalking almost as soon as it planes. Think about how the board jumps around if you try to sail on a powered reach with daggerboard down - same thing. The thing about older longboards is that from the footstraps back they're not really any different than an old-school 9'6" slalom board - OFO measurements around 12", overall width 24" or less, but the mast track is further forward. If the wind isn't enough to plane on a reach with that old slalom board it probably won't be on the race board either. So, to make a 7.5 work you have to get the track back as far as possible, get the boom WAY up and forget about hooking in until you've got the sail raked all the way back.

The real secret though, is to go bigger with the sail - really big. The racers all use 9.5 and rely on the narrow overall width to keep from overpowering. I use the 10.0 Speedfreak and just love the thing, because its springiness tames the really big gusts and when it's just gotten ridiculous it's time to move to a 7.5. My board is a CarbOne but the sail works just as well on old coffin-railed boards like your Lightning.

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