Topic: Footstrap on a Windsup

I recently bought a Starboard windsup 12'2 freeride. It's got great glide in light winds and I'm using it with my 8.0 SFUL. Because it does have some planing potential, I can stay on it if the wind fills in, or if it's flukey on off stuff.
Thing is it has no footstraps, and most of the time you don't need them, but I really think at least one rear central strap would be good so I can hook in to it and relax.
I've been scanning board images into CAD and measuring rear strap to mast base lengths and the seem to vary a lot. Typical longer freeride boards seem to be around 1200mm. The Kona was closer to 1350 and my old equips is even further. ( this is to centre of rear strap ).
Just looking for some insight before I get someone to start drilling holes

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Re: Footstrap on a Windsup

IMO, this is absolutely the best kind of use for the 8.0 SF.

On my Kona 11.5, I've ridden it strapless, front straps only, rear strap only, and front and rear (middle). I guess the setup I like the best is front only, but I've never settled on a fave. I do think it's helpful to have a front footstrap for carrying the kit in and out of the water. Rear straps don't help at all with the carry.

Since you already have the board and sail and are setting them up together, I think I'd just ride around a bit making note of what sailing position is the most comfy and put the strap(s) in that spot.

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Re: Footstrap on a Windsup

Yeah, that's kinda what I've been doing so will continue with that. Interesting thoughts on front strap only.

The 12'2 freeride is a bit of a weird one. There are two Tuttle box positions for using a fixed dagger board, as well as the rear fin which is a US box. The second of the two Tuttle box's is about mid way between the front Tuttle and the rear US box. It can be used as the only fin which turns the board into what Starboard call a longtail board. So it is possible to set up the footstraps around that fin.

The stock US box fin is only 24cm so I have ordered a Trueames 39cm pointer fin but it's yet to arrive. I really need that before I can see how the board goes with just the bigger rear fin. If it goes better than the previous option, then that would be where I look st setting up any footstraps.

I could even end up with two single rear straps set up for each fin location.

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