Topic: Longboard: better NOT planing?

Some doubts after testing (Serenity and Ventura, 2009) and seeing the new longboards 2012.
A longboard is required to glide, so needs to be... long. But market requires also some width to plane when wind pick up. The conclusion is BIG volume, and then big weight if not made of full carbon. The sensation riding my Mistral Ventura 343, told to be 13 kg naked but really near 17 kg with track, pad, centerboard, fin etc. is so obviuosly not light and easy like with a 7-8 kg shortboard, no question (read that real weight of Phantom 320 is the same). Otherwise all carbon for a board the lighter that is possible, but so with huge prices; just seen old pre-2000 catalogues and also for Mistral Superlight was the same, I imagine that for Phantom 377 and Exocet RS D2 will be the same.
And so, instead of these "hybrids" now sold by brands, a shorter Serenity easier to carry but fully gliding at the best even not planing, and even little stronger and heavier, and then a light shortboard for +12 knots wouldn't be the better choice for recreational sailors to have the best of both worlds?

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Re: Longboard: better NOT planing?

Problem is Serenity is not a "fun" board. You can not cute passengers or play in little waves.

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