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The new AHD Tactik looks great - will be watching for pricing, availability, reviews, etc., though with a collection of classic longboards, I am not a likely buyer, I'm afraid.  In the meantime, I am encouraged by the name of board - it is not just "Tactik,"  it is "Tactik Sailboard."  I think the term Sailboard has been gone from the sport since the mid 1980s - I for one am happy to have it back.  It is not a very exciting word - I can see why Drake and Schweitzer chose "Windsurfer" instead - but the original Windsurfer was surely a sailboard.  Also interesting that AHD has a new site called zerofifteen, which they call the forgotten wind range, though it seems no-longer forgotten to board manufacturers (Starboard Serenity/Phantom/SUPer, RRD Cruiser/Wassup, Konas, Exocet Warp, BIC Jungle, Thommen T1, etc.).  Interestingly, it remains largely forgotten to sail designers.  Would love to see what HSM's potential SUP sail would do on a board like the Tactic - or my Mistral Superlight, Equipe).

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So, Exocet has one too...


Fantastic.  I hope someone puts the two boards head to head (though I would guess Exocet wins, but at a price?).

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