Topic: Testimony to MicroFreak's durability and performance

So, this is for the record books.  I have a school in Alameda, California.  Alameda is typically a light wind spot and we teach lots of kid's camps.  On Monday it was gusting to 40mph and I did not have a sail small enough at the school for me to use (I'm about 115-120lbs).  I had a 95l Naish Slalom board and tried a 4.2 Superfreak but was way over powered, so I ran into the school, pulled out the Kid's MicroFreak 3.2 and put harness lines on it.  In a few minutes I was blasting around in more wind than I'd ever been in on the smallest sail I've ever been on.  It was like sailing a napkin.  What a blast!!!  I think in total, the rig weighed about 11lbs.

So, here to a kid's rig being durable enough and high enough performance to actually get an adult on the water in 40mph!

Thanks Jeffrey and crew!

Boardsports School
Alameda, CA

ps.  The day before I actually was on a newly rigged 7.5 Fluid and was blasting in 7mph of wind.  Talk about extremes - and btw, I love the fluid too.  So, now I've sailed the biggest and the smallest sail I've ever been on within two days of each other at the same location!

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Re: Testimony to MicroFreak's durability and performance

Oh yeah, the Micros are 100% SURF durable even at Hookipa at mast high...just ask Bernd.

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Re: Testimony to MicroFreak's durability and performance

Another testimony on Micrfreak.

Typhoon No. 1 hit the Saipan Island on 1st April and the wind speed exceeded 30 mph.
My daughter (130cm tall 22kg) was on Naish Icom 145L with Microfreak 1.6.  I swam to her to rescue and sit down on the deck and grab the tiny sail to go back to the beach.  Wow!  The board planed!  It was very awkward to sit down and sail but we could sail back to the beach quickly.

The local sailers said;
"I wish I could have this sail when I was a small child."
"Super Typhoon Sail!"
"Japanese makes everything.".

So I clearly stated that unlike Sony products It's not a Japanese invention, but American, Maui origin."

Saipan is a part of USA.  Microfreak gave them some shock during Typhoon hits the island.

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Re: Testimony to MicroFreak's durability and performance


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