Lea Spencer – Team UK

Lea Spencer – Team UK


Lea Spencer

I started windsurfing with lessons after my 30th Birthday having wanted to do it since I was very young but not living near the coast made that difficult. I never really took it seriously until after I suffered a heart attack, it then became my aim to help and inspire others to get back into sport after a serious illness. Windsurfing helped me recover, I built a webpage and undertook a 1000nmi challenge for the British Heart Foundation. The website became quite popular and from there the sport took over every waking moment of my life.
When I need to earn money I pretend to be a maths teacher at a local school, this is a rewarding job most of the time but also quite demanding. Ultimately I would love to pack it all in, become a beach bum and live out of my van for a couple of years windsurfing lots of spots in Europe and hopefully Maui.
Lea about Hot Sails Maui:
After joining Hot Sails and using the GPS my speeds increased instantly. I used to go through 2 sails per year in my most used size but just sold my last years GPS in like new condition after 60 plus sessions with it, the build quality is second to none, and that is what is needed for big sails in strong winds when speed sailing.
The GPS can be used as fast freeride as it is so easy to handle and rig, the cams rotate like they don’t exist and the 2013 models are some of the lightest sails I have used. If you want to go faster than the rest then HOT are the best.
Home town: England
Year of birth: 1974
Discipline: Competitive Speedsailing is my discipline, with the Portland Pirates UK team who are ranked usually in the top 5 in the world on GPS Team Challenge.
Sails: All the GPS Speed/Slalom sails and a couple of cheeky Superfreaks for fun in the waves.
Homepage: www.redsurfbus.com

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