Kieren Roan – Team UK

Kieren Roan – Team UK


Kieren Roan

I’ve been windsurfing for 18 years and started when I was 15 at ferry meadows in Peterborough which is a small inland lake.
I started venturing out to the norfolk coast, UK from when I was about 18, also went to Club Vass in Greece every year until I was 19 for my annual holiday. When I was 20 I spent a year in Australia, doing a bit of work but mainly travelling around and windsurfing.
Since then windsurfing around my home spots of Hunstanton, Wells and Brancaster and too many trips to fuerteventura to count.
Freestyle is what I mainly do but when there are waves I enjoy wave sailing as well.
I have been doing the UKWA freestyle events since 2010 to sail different spots in the UK and to improve my own level.
Kieren’s words about Hot Sails Maui:
If I’d only had my 4.8m freestyle pro in my van this year I wouldn’t have missed many sessions.
It has the bottom end of a 5.4 and the top end of 4.5, the amount of times I’ve been told, ‘why are you rigging that, you’ll never plane!’ and I’m pleased to say I don’t ever hear I told you so.
The sail has moved my ducking moves to the next level, I previously struggled in the set up for funnels and kono’s but the fsp flattens off and goes where you place it allowing you to concentrate on how big you are going to make your move.
UKWA 2010 Amateur freestyle Hunstanton 1st place

UKWA 2012 Amateur freestyle tour 1st place

Currently in 1st place for the Amateur freestyle so far this year.
Home town: Hunstanton, United Kingdom
Year of birth: 1979
Discipline: Freestyle
Sails: HSM freestyle pro’s. Sail number K182
Other interests: Trying to entertain my 2 year old son called Finn!!

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