Tom Hammerton – Team Rider

Tom Hammerton – Team USA


Tom Hammerton

Former wave sailor turned speed sailor due to old age excessive weight and broken knees. The days of outrageous end over end double forwards are now long gone replaced by suicidal speed runs through the surf in extremely shallow turtle infested waters!
In 2011 posted the fastest 100m speed in Hawaii for that year. Goals include setting the fastest windsurfing speed in Hawaiian waters (a speed currently held by Pieter Bilj) and one day visiting a real speed spot with actual flat water.
Country: British but currently competing under USA flag for
Year of birth: 1970
Discipline: Primarily speed, but also slalom and wave NOT freestyle
Sails: I use pretty much everything but my main sails are 6.6, 7.3 GPS and Qu4d 5.6 for waves.

Team USA

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