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Rafael Dewindt

Born and raised in Curacao. Started sailing at age 11. I always like to go on adventures. Sailing crazy places.
I always liked to do water sports from a young age, when the funny thing was that I first was scared for water. I always stayed in the shallow area. But after I started to do my first water sport ,which was waterpolo. I made a special bound with water that I never let go. So you will always see me on the water surfing, swimming, fishing and supping
Rafael’s words about Hot Sails Maui:
Hot Sails Maui is always on the edge of sail technology, developing and coming up with great new ideas. They always take riders opinion really seriously, to know how to make the sails for next year even better.
Home town: Born and raised in Curacao, I still live with my parents in Curacao. But now I’m kinda touring around Europe till November afterwards I am planning to go home. In 2014 I will be living Holland for my studies.
Date of birth: 30th of March 1995
Discipline: Freestyle all day everyday. I also did some Slalom a few years back, but training it get boring after 10 min. I would also like to try some wave riding, but not for Competition.
Sails: Freestyle Pro’s 4.0/4.4/4.8. My sailnumber is CUR-45.
Homepage: rafaeldewindt.blogspot.com

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