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Katie McAnena – Team Ireland

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Katie McAnena

I’m from Galway on the west coast of Ireland, it’s wild, wet and windy! We get battered by Atlantic storms and swells and I’m so fortunate to be able to share empty, green, pumping waves with my best friends all on my doorstep. I get to sail anything from 3.4m full power jumping sessions to 4.2m/4.7m down the line peeling reef breaks on a huge variety of spots all along my local coast line… I’m extremely lucky!
I’ve been sailing for 13 years now and not only do I get to experience world class breaks at home but I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and compete and train in locations like Maui, Western Australia, South Africa, Barbados, Peru, Morocco, the Canary Islands, Portugal and the UK.
I have competed in wave contests for 5 years now and am 5x Irish Women’s champion (also competing against the men in the pro fleet and coming 4th overall in my most recent contest). I have also competed on the American Windsurfing Tour coming 2nd in San Carlos 2012, 3rd Peru 2012, 7th Ho’okipa 2012 and 4th Pistol River 2013. I’ve competed on the British Wave Tour for a number of years ranking 2nd overall in 2009 and 3rd in 2010 and won events on their stop in Kerry in 2010. I also came 9th in the PWA Tenerife event in 2012.
When I’m not competing at windsurfing I’m also training and competing in SUP, having represented Ireland in the 2013 Peru World SUP Championships and came 2nd in the Pacasmayo SUP Classic Peru in 2012.
By day I work as a doctor here in Ireland, currently training in surgery.
My goals for this year 2013/2014 are to keep pushing my limits on the water both at home and abroad. This year I was lucky to windsurf Jaws on Maui and hopefully in the coming months I will try to push myself and seek out some of the bigger conditions the Atlantic has to offer. With some of the most notorious big waves in the world here in Ireland I hope that some day I’ll be able to channel my experiences from Jaws and have a chance to experience something similar here at home. I also plan to continue competing on the Irish and British tours and hopefully make it to an AWT event or two.
But mostly I just want to be on the water as often as I can, sharing it with my friends and family and to always aim to be as happy and healthy as I can, doing what it is I love the most; sailing epic conditions on my awesome Hot Sails Maui Firelights and sharing the joy I am so lucky to get from being able to do that 🙂
Country: Ireland
Date of birth: 5th May 1986
Discipline: Waves
Sails: Firelights 3.4m, 3.7m, 4.2m, 4.7m

Team Ireland

Team Ireland

Katie McAnena - Team Rider - Hot Sails Maui


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