Juliana Farias Shelef – Team Rider

Juliana Farias Shelef – Team Israel


Juliana Farias Shelef

For me, every moment in the water is even more appreciate as a mother of 2 beautiful kids: Bella & Yam. The experience of enjoy the sea with my husband Eyal Shelef became more intense once most of the time we are switching the sailing session. A windsurf day in Israel feed my soul with happiness…the environment is amazing, special feeling in the sea is create from the condition.
My goal is to keep my body-mind-spirit strong for be able to enjoy the windsurfing days through Yoga Sup, Surfing and a good nutrition.
When our kids will be bigger and coming surfing with us I may be back on the competition. My plan… belong to God!
I and Eyal are going to continue with the ShelefSurf Jibe Clinic, Day for kids and for sailors who are looking to improve techniques.
Much Aloha to everyone!
Country: Israel
Year of birth: 1978
Discipline: Freestyle and Wave
Sails: 4.5 firelight- 3,7 superfreak (butterfly brasil) – 4,2 superfreak (windsurf for peace)

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