Jonas Handekyn – Team Rider

Jonas Handekyn – Team Belgium

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Jonas Handekyn

Immediately after my first few rides I was hooked and addicted to one of the most beautiful sports that ever existed ! When my level increased after a few years it became obvious to me that waveriding is where my real desire was in windsurfing. Not that I don’t like doing freestyle or jumping but if had to make a choice I would definitely pick waveriding. I’ve been riding with Hotsails for 5 years now and I’va had some of my happiest and best moments on the water together with them. I love the passion and the spirit of the company and I’m gratefull and honered to have their support. Apart from windsurfing I also love surfing and I try to be in the water as much as possible !
Right now I’m sailing the hotsailsmaui QU4D’s . It’s amazing how light yet very well build and strong these sails are. The compact feeling makes the sails super easy to handle and throw around in the air. A 5.2 has never felt so small in my hands… These are the perfect sails for people who want to rotate fast and easy and remain in control at all times !
Country: Belgium
Date of birth: 21th of August 1992
Discipline: Wave
Sails: Firelight 4.0, 4.5, 5.0; Superfreak 3.7; DD 3.3
Sail number: B20

Team Belgium

Team Belgium

Jonas Handekyn - Team Rider - Hot Sails MauiKatrien Smits - Team Rider - Hot Sails Maui


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