Jesper Blomberg – Team Rider

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Jesper Blomberg

Jesper Blomberg is a confirmed wave sailing maniac located just outside Stockholm on the east coast of Sweden. When not ripping his local rocky beach brake Torö, he is usually on the move to the west coast of Sweden, the Atlantic waves in southern Europe or to Maui. His favorite tools are all the Hotsailsmaui wave sails, and of course the Ultra masts. In his gear you find everything from Superfreak ME, Smacks, QU4Ds, KS3s and Firelights. “My goal is to continue to develop and learn about and from life and ocean. I totally love high wind jumping, but closest to my heart is down-the-line wave sailing big waves in light side-off-shore winds. Currently, I’m keener on developing my style, on the face and above, more than learning a single maneuver or trick.“

Nationality: Swedish, but view myself more as a world citizen. Nothing wrong of being proud of your country and I love Sweden, but, there are so much egoism, protectionism and narrow mindedness hiding in viewing oneself as one hell of a proud nationalist.

Year of birth: 1963, but I just cannot believe it. I feel younger, stronger, and not an inch wiser than ever before!

Discipline: Wave sailing, but I have cheated in Formula Racing and Slalom.

Favorite sail:
Not possible to pick one: Superfreak 3.5 in survival conditions, QUAD 4.3, Firelight 4.5, or KS3 4.9 in marginal conditions?

OK, if I just have to pick one: Firelight 4.7 on an Ultra 370. It does have the ”rippabillity” of the QU4D and the power of the KS3, but it also have that little bit ”set” or ”locked in” feel that I love going fast down the face on a big wave. It gives me drive and control, like quad fin set up, compared with a twin.

Favorite maneuver: Getting rag-dolled and pushed deep by a 10 foot plus north-shore wave