Heike Reimann – Team Rider

Heike Reimann – Team Germany

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Heike Reimann

Love to live on islands, because the lifestyle has a magic atmosphere to me.
Joined the PWA-Tour the last 4 years and finished 7th places in wave and freestyle.
My goals for the future is to stay healthy and to have a satisfaction from the deep inside to live my windsurfinglife for as long as possible.
Windsurfing is essential to me – just like breathing or eating. It brings me close to the elements and my physical limits. It makes me happy. ALWAYS!!
Country: Germany, North
Year of birth: Born in 1976 in north Germany
Discipline: Wave and freestyle when there is no waves
Sails: Superfreak 3,7 4,2 4,7 5,0 5,5

Team Germany

Team Germany

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