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Giampaolo Cammarota – Team USA


Giampaolo Cammarota

I grew up in Italy, studied as an engineer, worked 11 years as such in big corporations, got sick of it, quit everything and came to Maui in 2001. Best move I’ve ever done.
Sorry, it’s not 500 characters, but it’s intense! Plus, I don’t do good when I get confined within boundaries… πŸ™‚
Giampaolo’s words about Hot Sails Maui:
One day we had a Hot Sails Maui helicopter photo shoot planned. The wind was very light and the waves at Upper Kanaha pretty big. I called Jeff to ask him confirmation about the shoot.
He goes:”yeah it’s light, but we’re on anyway. Why don’t you come with the Timpone? And use that bright orange Superfreak I saw you using yesterday!”
Me:”Jeff, but that’s a 4.7, it’s too small for today’s wind!”
Jeff:”Nah, you’ll be fine…”
The Timpone was (still is) a 12.6 tandem surfboard with a mast track.
I thought I was going to die being so underpowered in those big waves, but instead I learned that in such light wind having a small sail is a big advantage…
Oh, and I got a killer shot that ended up on a double spread on Windsurfing magazine!
Thanks Jeff!!!
Home town: From Italy, live on Maui
Year of birth: 1963
Discipline: Light wind wave riding
Sails: Firelight 4.3 (no matter how light the wind is)

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