Diony Guadagnino – Team Rider

Diony Guadagnino – Team Venezuela


Diony Guadagnino

Diony Guadagnino (Born July 27th in Southern California, At the age of 8 months his parents moved to a tiny West Indian Island called Bequia, part of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines chain. At the age of 8, his mother decided to move further on to the South American Caribbean island known as “Isla Margarita” (Venezuela). He grew up in “Playa El Yaque”, a world renown windsurfing destination.
El Yaque was where he was born into windsurfing. Diony was rookie of the year by winning his 1st world class event ever! He now spends more of his time on Maui for waves & all around training. (Diony) I am really happy to have such a lifestyle. I’ve been privileged to learn different languages, cultures and people around the world.
1st Place PWA-RedBull King of the lake-Italia-Freestyle
1st Place Margarita Wild Winds-Pro-Venezuela-Freestyle
1st Place Margarita WIld Winds-Pro junior-Venezuela-slalom/Racing
1st Place Aruba HI WInds-Pro junior – slalom/Racing
1st Place Los Roques Rumba Winds-Venezuela-Pro junior-slalom/Racing
3rd Place Nationals-San Francisco-USA-Pro junior slalom/Racing
2nd Place PWA-Austria-Freestyle
3rd place PWA-Fuerteventura Gran Slam-Spain-Freestyle
3rd place PWA-Lanzarote Gran Slam-Spain-Freestyle
5th place WAVE-Gran Canaria Gran Slam-Spain-expression session
2nd place Soul Wave-Dinamarca-wave
3rd place Dodge Wave Challange-Brasil-wave
6th place PWA-Canada-coupe des iles-Freestyle
6th place PWA-Fuerteventura Gran Slam-Spain-Freestyle
2nd place Araya, Venezuela-International Pro Slalom
1st place Puerto La Cruz-Venezuela-International Pro Slalom
10th Place PWA slalom Sylt-Germany Gran Slam
1st place Marrueco invitacional Festival Slalom Larga Distancia
1st place Overall Margarita, Venezuela Wild Winds PRO SLALOM & Larga Distancia
1st place Overall Aruba Hi winds 3 veces consecutivos PRO Slalom y Larga Distancia
1st place 2 x consecutive Francia, Bretaña Mundial Sea Lion olas
Goals: My goals are to become world champion eather in waves or slalom
Since I started my professional career from a young age I always was more into it for the passion than any other thing, I’m more than grateful to have this wonderful sport as my job! I always try to represent humbleness, respect and discipline above all, it is the key to success!
Country: Venezuela
Year of birth: 1982
Discipline: Wave, Slalom and Freestyle
Sails: Fire Light 3.7-5.7

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