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Alexis Duparc – Team France

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Alexis Duparc

As a coach, I’m some kind of a shadow man. Of course I love to surf and try or do crazy stuff but my best accomplishments are certainly made by my “students”!! That’s my story, teaching for 20 years, I am definitely not a pro-rider but I teach like a pro. I love when people progress and open the doors of our passion. I make them progress and they make me feel important. Life is good like that!
This year I’ll continue my clinics around the world organizing new destinations like Peru or Chile in addition to Brazil, Mauritius, Morocco and other fantastic spots, lucky me!! I will also continue preparing the Next Generation in association with Dieter (Van der Eyken) to help younger windsurfers to enter in our world!! See you somewhere!!
Country: France
Date of birth: 22nd of January 1972
Discipline: All but rather Wave-riding
Sails: I love to use the SFME from 5.8 to 3.7. This year I’ll use also the KS3 in 4.9, 4.3 and 3.7. I could test the sail in Morocco this year and it’s powerful and easy to handle…incredible!!

Team France

Team France

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