Jip Philippi – Team Netherlands

Jip Philippi – Team Netherlands


Jip Philippi

As an ex industrial design HSM intern I’ve been given the HOT virus from the core. Now my goal is to pass the virus to as many people as possible. While doing so I want people to have fun and be excited!
2008, Intership at HotSails Maui
2011, Started Pro-Intro windsurfschool
2012, May, Teached 90 students windsurfing in a single day.
2013, First FULL Pro-Intro season.
2008 – 2013, Enjoyed every good and bad windsurf session.
Country: Netherlands
Date of birth: 7th of May 1985
Discipline: Wave, Freestyle, Slalom and School
Firelight 4,0 – 4,5 – 5,0
Freestyle Pro 4,8 – 5,2 – 5,6
GPS 7,3 – 8,8 (as soon as the ’14 is available)
Microfreaks All sizes!!

Team Netherlands

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