Jeroen Van Gessel – Team Netherlands

Jeroen Van Gessel – Team Netherlands


Jeroen Van Gessel

With short absence of 1.5 year i,m sailing with Hot Sails Maui since 2005. Love the stuff because its build to last!
In windsurfing I got 2 big interests: 1: wavesailing, i just love to play in the waves, of course the cleaner and bigger the more fun they become, but I also really enjoy a good day at the Northsea with big chaotic dead onshore conditions at my homespot Zandvoort 🙂
Interest nr. 2: I,m a gearfreak. I can check and think for hours about how gear perform, how to get the most out of it and how to improve it (its a little bit of a wonder that Tom and Jeff didn’t block my email address!). On the brighter moments I initiated the Firepower and Firelight and helped other brands to develop different boards, masts and fins.
Goals in life: enjoy windsurfing and SUP as much as I can with now and then a trip to a beautiful location like Maui or Cornwall.
At those spots I keep trying to catch the biggest waves and ride as hard as I can without drowning myself, what is sometimes a bit of a tricky combination 🙂
Country: Netherlands
Date of birth: 9th of April 1974
Discipline: Wave
Sails: Firelight 6.0 + 5.3, KS3 5.2 + 4.6 + 4.0, Superfreak4.5 + 3.7
Masts: HSM Ultra,s
Interests besides windsurfing: SUP. I,m a member of Starboard-SUPracingteam in Holland 🙂

Team Netherlands

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