Marco Ferrari – Team Italy

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Marco Ferrari

My name is Marco Ferrari, I come from Italy.
I have begun windsurfing at age 9, my father has transmitted this great passion to me.
Although I lived in a far city from water and wind, I train often at Lake Garda, which is an exellent place to practice freestyle which is my favorite discipline.
During the holidays I travel and train to me in other place like Sardinia and Calabria.
Since I started practicing this sport I always enjoyed and my goal for the future is to continue to stand in the water and have fun with my friends.

Country: Italy

Date of birth: 3rd of May 1990

Discipline: Freestyle

Sails: Freestyle PRO 4.0, 4.4, 4.8, 5.2

Board: F2 Rodeo 98

13th Italian freestyle championships 2013