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Florent Moreau

I discovered windsurf, in south Britany where I was living, in the late seventies, when one day my father came to the beach with that, at this time, “unindentify Flying object”. When i saw him having so much fun on the water I imediatly wanted to try, so he took me with him on his board and I instantly became hooked by the sensation.
Since then I have never dropped my wishbone and my passion is still as high as it was at the beginning. Windsurf is such a great sport bringing you each time you go on the water pleasure, happyness and sensation of freedom to be shared with freinds. Nothing better to me than sharing a wave with freind, crossing each other in the wave alternating nice bottom turns and rollers. That’s “pictures” that remains in your head for life!
Today my goal is to push further my wave riding and keep on traveling. I had the chance to travel to many countries and meet nice people thanks to windsurf. I want to keep that alive. There are so many beautifull places, diferent cultures and breaks to visit. Hope to see you soon in Chili, South Africa or Mauricio where i can´t wait to go back.
Country: France
Home break: St Cyprien (South of France) and Pals (North Catalunya, Spain). And everywhere winds is blowing and waves are braking at 500 kms around.
Favorite destination: One Eye (Mauricius Island), Hookipa (Maui), All the Canarians Islands, Guincho (Portugal) and of course Moulay Bouzerktoun (Morroco) where i cannot miss to go at least once a year.
Date of birth: 2nd of January 1972
Discipline: Wave sailing
Sails: Quad 3.5, 3.9, 4.3, 4.7, 5.2. The 4.3 is definitly my favorite sail!!!
Wave Boards Quiver: Bubble Custom Boards Quad Fins : 70 liters + 80 liters light wind
Other sports: Surf & SUP

Team France

Team France

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