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Martin Løkkegaard

I love windsurf and was immediately hooked when I, at 14, tried it for the first time. I have been extremely lucky to grow up with the possibility to launch from my front yard!
However, after having gained a bit more perspective, I have due to heavy industrial naval traffic, strong currents and unstable wind named the spot “the worst spot in the world”, which it really is! I love it, but don’t ever go there to windsurf!
Now the north shore of Sealand, which is an hour drive from Copenhagen, is my favourite place to find wind and waves and then of course Klitmøller! It’s a long 5-hour drive, but always worth it. When conditions allow it, Sweden also offers really good conditions and is actually way easier to get to then Klitmøller.
Winter in Denmark is full 6mm suit, hood, thick boots and gloves if you want to go in the water – significantly reducing the fun-factor. So I try to escape to warmer places if possible, which is not always the case, but the last couple of years it has brought me to the Canary Islands, Maui and Cape Town. I’m just trying to spend as much time as I can on the water, as it simply makes me happy and keeps me going. See you out there 🙂
Country: Denmark
Date of birth: 23rd of April 1986
Discipline: Wave
SFME: 3.7
Qu4d: 4.3, 4.7
Firelight: 5.3, 5.7
1st Armature DM Wave 2009

Team Denmark

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