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Team Denmark

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Mads Ring

In 2012, I went to Maui to live my dream, do nothing but windsurf. Living on Maui for those six months was like heaven, as I was constantly surrounded by freaks like myself.
Living and windsurfing in Denmark has strengthened my creativity when it comes to watersports. Much of todays mass-produced windsurf equipment is optimized for the best possible conditions (NOT where I live!), so pretty early in my windsurfing career I began sawing, tweaking and hacking existing boards and rig-parts to make them better or more fun to ride in the sloppy waves of my homespots. HotSailsMaui attracted my attention many years ago, as it seemed that it was the only brand, which could read my mind and come with some perfect and seriously out-of-the-box products!
My surf-trips usually goes off the beaten track. I would rather surf dead-cold water than a spot with a thick crowd! The many travels are financed through my work at one of Denmarks only “maker-workshops”, and when I am done with my engineering-studies I hope to come back to Maui for a more permanently stay. 🙂
Country: Denmark
Year of birth: 1988
Discipline: Wave
Sails: SFME 3,7-5,3 and Speedfreak 7,5

Team Denmark

Team Denmark - Hot Sails Maui

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