Morgan and his KS3 winning ways!

Morgan Noireaux, 20 years old winning the 2014 PWA Aloha Classic. This guy has got the moves and the style, the skills and the calmness to be a ruthless competitor.

Morgan is so stoked on the KS3 sails and has commented that he wished, he had invented them when he was 16! There is no question, these sails have help his sailing, and allow hi to push his limits, and to recover and continue when things go south. They are every sailors next wet dream.

2014 Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux rides HOT to WIN!

SM14_ls_Morgan_celebratesA 20 year old  student at University of Hawaii Maui College, mild mannered Morgan Noireaux has stunned the world today by winning the 2014 PWA Aloha Classic in near mast high waves. Not only did Morgan win, but he won the final heat against the newly crowned 2014 PWA world wave sailing champion Thomas Traversa, minutes after Thomas had been confirmed tour winner. SM14_wv_Morgan_on_firemorgan1-0Morgan showed off his fluid, yet stealthy wave sailing style excecuting the most advanced maneuvers with such apparent ease that they shocked the spectators and judges alike. Morgan sails exclusively on Hot Sails Maui KS3 sails developed by his team mate Kauli Seadi and the design team of Jeffrey Henderson and Tom Hammerton at their Maui loft.1901300_870973182926339_508692200454500202_nMorgan was joined in success with team mate Glenn Haselbeck who won 1st place on his 5.0m Firelight sail in the men’s amateur division which was stacked with 63 of Maui’s finest local sailors.

A huge Congratulations to Morgan on this first ever win for Hot Sails Maui in the men’s pro division of the Aloha Classic here on Maui!


2015 Hot Sails Maui Firelight


Andreas Martinez bottom turns on the first swell of the season on the New C1 Firelight 4.7m

Maui’s first Northwest swell hit this week and we had chance to get some action on the 2015 Firelight 4.7m at Hookipa. The new sail is a tuned up version of the previous year’s Firelights and built to take bit more of a beating than the original Firelights. The shape has been changed to hold the draft further forward in the boom area. Batten pockets are normal Dacron for great durability. The monofilm window goes higher up the front of the sail making for better visibility too.


The 2015 Firelight colors. Note the Orange color shown on the C1 and C2 are glow in the dark florescent orange, not the muted orange shown on your screen. C4 yellow is also the florescent yellow or chartreuse.

Hot Sails Maui 2015 QU4D peek.

2015QU4D_FNLColorsMRA quick peak at the 2015 QU4D sails on windy, but pretty flat Maui summer slop. The new QU4Ds have the same outline with a slightly modified luff curve to place the draft a little more forward. The sail is definitely stronger built with the same fabric layout  as the KS3. Color shown is C1. Jeff Henderson and Kieran Devaney were really overpowered sailing 4.7m and 5.0m respectively in too much wind gusting to 35mph.

The Aloha Classic, over and out

A week has past, and it has been a great one here on Maui. The JP Aloha Classic and the AWT is now over, and what a great event, and what better way to end a great week, then having a great closing party for all the competitors and winners?

We are really proud of the HOT team, and of the success of our KS3 3-batten sail.  This has been the first PWA final with Hot Sails Maui having 2 sailors in the top 4 positions. We are super stoked.


A garden of KS3 at Ho’okipa

Kauli Seadi joined the JP Aloha classic with a great spirit, ready to be in the waves of Ho’okipa again. Ripping one wave after the other, Kauli ended up with a third-place.

1451594_10152311818725166_1474060526_n 1457501_587151967989138_360980920_n

Kauli should have competed against our young star Morgan Noireaux, but during his heat against the new world champion Marcilio Brown, he had an accident were he injured his ankle, and therefore not able to complete to advance further and ended up 4th.

Jeffrey Henderson, who was the oldest of the top 3 in the masters of the Aloha Classic impressed the judges with his fluid riding yesterday, and ended up getting a third-place in the masters division.  “I had an off day, so I was pleased to accept 3rd place” Jeff said.

We would like to thank all the great riders that made the event a week we will never forget. And a special thank you to all the event planners, sponsors and photographers that made this whole event possible.

Hot Sails Maui teamrider morgan

Morgan Noireaux at Ho’okipa in the JP Aloha Classic

Jeffrey Henderson winning third place in event at Ho'okipa

Hot Sails Maui owner Jeff  Henderson ripping waves at Ho'okipa

Jeff on the new 3-batten KS3

Hot Sails Maui team rider Kauli ripping waves at Ho'okipa

Kauli ripping waves at Ho’okipa


The European storm chase

A storm hit Europe this week. It cost 15 people their life, and choked all of Europe. But being a windsurfer, having a storm means; Storm chase!

Hot Sails Maui team rider Jonas Handekyn was stoked to try out the extreme conditions that was gusting up to 60 knots with his 3.5 QU4D.

“I couldn’t really do any real moves because the wind was super gusty and too strong to control rotations. But I was able to do some very long and high straight jumps and enjoyed being on the water in these extreme conditions.

The clip made it into all national news stations! Today, the day after the storm, there’s a lively discussion going on whether it was a responsible thing to go out or not. The Belgian law say’s you can’t go out when it more than 7 beaufort (33 knots). But we all know that’s not that windy at all if you have the right gear. People sail +40 knots al summer long in Pozo. Most people who will read this know that I have enough experience to sail in these conditions. But a lot off people who don’t know me or don’t know windsurfing seem to have a different opinion…

The wind was indeed very strong but we weren’t alone and I was still able to control my gear enough too get myself to shore safely. It was a great experience”


1385780_255590671255745_431307644_n 1396037_255590451255767_532680474_n 1382420_255590457922433_616646841_n IMG_3617

8 years old, and ripping the waves at Ho’okipa

What did you do at the age of 8? What ever it was we bet that you didn’t challenge your windsurfing skills in waves that are twice your size! Sounds crazy? Well, that was how Wiley Daniels spent his last Saturday, riding the waves of Ho’okipa for the first time.

8 year old Wiley at Ho’okipa from Hot Sails Maui on Vimeo.

Wiley, an 8 year old child from Oahu came to visit his friend Dax Barker(10), who at the age of 7 set the record of being the youngest sailor ever at Ho’okipa 3 years ago.

After getting some guidance from Jeffrey Henderson on launching through the large shore break, and how to stay away for the rocks, Wiley entered the realm of windsurfing history, Ho’okipa, the official mecca of every windsurfer. The conditions were gusty and lacked consistent wind, but with no fear in sight Wiley made his way in to the water using his 2.4m KS3 Hot Sail rigged on a 270cm mast. It is hard to imagine how small this little sailor is.


After a quick recovery in the waist high shore break, he made it to the impact zone only to meet a pretty big set closing out. Though he got knocked down, he calmly popped back up on his 45 liter STK board and up-hauled in the gusty wind like and old pro. After that he sensibly sailed the point wave into the channel. He caught 3-4 waves in very light wind, making a sweet bottom turn and top turn on one of the cleaner waves.

At the end of his session he caught a nice set wave into the beach and perfectly navigated the shore pound into the sand without incident.

After the interview, Wiley admitted that the conditions surprised him, and that the waves were more powerful than what he had first anticipated, but he can’t wait to go be out there again!

Wiley is going to be the youngest contestant in the AWT Aloha Classic at the end of this month, so watch out teenagers in the juniors!


1209063_574566532581015_439197786_n 2

JP video showcases Hot riders Kauli Seadi and Morgan Noireaux.

This video released by JP to showcase their TwinserQuad board line has epic action footage of Hot Sails Maui riders Kauli Seadi and Morgan Noireaux shredding Maui’s north shore.

Kauli sails his three batten KS3 sail, and some of the clips really show the sail working exactly as he designed it. Morgan flys the Qu4d 4 batten wave sail and shows how this sail rocks.

Behind the scenes at Hot Sails Maui.

The sun is shining, the temperature is around 90 degrees, and we all wish Jeff would get air conditioning, but the trade winds will have to do!

Smiles are passing from lip to lip.

You look out through the windows and the suns reflection on the many palm trees catches your eye.

You hear talking in the background of people chatting about their weekend wave sailing, and know that the summer is gone, and that the real waves are finally here.

Kyla, or as we call her “the backbone of the office”, comes in Monday morning as usual, with a great mood, and brings up yet another smile to our lips.

Packages are being ready for shipment, and Tom is caring one package after the other, getting all the sails ready to go for a trip to its new owner who is ready to take it out on the water for some great fall sessions.

Waiting for the new AWESOME KS3, 3 batten wave sail? Well hold on, you don’t have to wait that much longer. Go on to our shop; and keep an eye on the site, because you can be the first to get this new sail, that will make your wave sailing look like a pro windsurfer.

Jeff is in with a new video of his weekend session on the water with the KS3, and can’t wait to hear what his interns have to say about his new video.

Watch it and see what you think:

KS3 mast tip from Hot Sails Maui on Vimeo.

An exciting new week has started, and we are ready for taking on new challenges with the energy only the staff of Hot Sails Maui can give.

Hot Sails Maui staff

From left: Kyla, Jeff, and intern Charlotte

Tom Hammerton

The hard working Tom

Kauli Seadi: “Everything you want to know about the 3 batten KS3”

The new KS3 is finally here. Designed and developed by Jeffrey Henderson, Tom Hammerton and Kauli Seadi him self.

3 time world wave champion Kauli Seadi explains his new 3 batten sail the KS3 developed with Hot Sails Maui. Starting with rigging tips, he explains the benefits of the radical new design. Owner of Hot Sails Maui, Jeffrey Henderson follows this with some design explanations to give a complete outline of the new sail.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity of trying this new wave sail. So go on and look at the video, because there you will find everything you need to know about the new KS3, so that you are ready to rock the waves like Kauli Seadi.


Kauli Seadi…”Everything about the 3 batten KS3″ from Hot Sails Maui on Vimeo.