Kauli Seadi: “Everything you want to know about the 3 batten KS3”

The new KS3 is finally here. Designed and developed by Jeffrey Henderson, Tom Hammerton and Kauli Seadi him self.

3 time world wave champion Kauli Seadi explains his new 3 batten sail the KS3 developed with Hot Sails Maui. Starting with rigging tips, he explains the benefits of the radical new design. Owner of Hot Sails Maui, Jeffrey Henderson follows this with some design explanations to give a complete outline of the new sail.

You don’t want to miss the opportunity of trying this new wave sail. So go on and look at the video, because there you will find everything you need to know about the new KS3, so that you are ready to rock the waves like Kauli Seadi.


Kauli Seadi…”Everything about the 3 batten KS3″ from Hot Sails Maui on Vimeo.

KS3 Specifications & Tuning

As requested by lots of readers we are pleased to be able to release the final specifications for the new KS3. The image below actually is the tack strap printing which will be on each sail. Unlike other sails in our range which have a +/- 1cm from the mid point settings we have have used a different range on the KS3 as much of the tuning for the KS3 is using the outhaul.



More to follow…