Kauli’s epic Teahupo’o wave and ensuing media storm!

Kauli Motion

Kauli Seadi’s honeymoon trip to Tahiti and the Tuamoto islands turned int the best day of windsurfing he ever experienced. The peak of the trip was the biggest day ever windsurfed at the globally famous Teahupo’o surf break. In fact it was nearly the only day with size that has ever been sailed in normal windsurf wind.  The video and images that came out of that day have snuck out on the web here and there, but now they grace the printed pages of 2 national magazines, WINDSURF UK, and MOTION from the Netherlands. I wonder where he may show up next!?!?


In case you missed the video footage of that day, your encouraged to look at it here now! Sailing his own design KS3 sail from Hot Sails Maui, he was in complete control with the super stable 3 batten sail until…well you’ll see.




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