2015 Hot Sails Maui GPS is ready to rock!

15GPSv Just released in time for the PWA measurement deadline, the 2015 GPS is ready to go!

Built to race in the real world, the 2015 GPS continues to push the boundaries of performance – Power, acceleration, speed, control.

2015 brings substantial upgrades and refinements to the already competitive GPS. Rather than significant global changes, the focus has been on improving each specific size to optimize the real world performance. Larger sizes have more forward shaping with a tighter lower leech for better acceleration and more efficiency in higher apparent winds. The middle sizes have focused on a deeper shape with more drive balanced by a slight softening in the feel. The small sizes have been re-designed with less luff curve to make a softer more forgiving sail.

Foot angles have also been addressed and have been raised to provide more rake angle options. All sizes have been lightened and the patches strengthened with extensive use of Technora. The visibility has been improved by changing the lower leech panel to clear film.


GPS  5.0 400 158 370 4.6
GPS  5.5 415 167 400 5.0
GPS  6.0 441 173 430 5.2
GPS  6.6 463 188 430 5.5
GPS  7.3 479 201 460 5.7
luff boom mast weight
GPS  8.0 489 221 460 6.2
GPS  9.0 509 229 490 6.5


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