2015 Hot Sails Maui GPS is ready to rock!

15GPSv Just released in time for the PWA measurement deadline, the 2015 GPS is ready to go!

Built to race in the real world, the 2015 GPS continues to push the boundaries of performance – Power, acceleration, speed, control.

2015 brings substantial upgrades and refinements to the already competitive GPS. Rather than significant global changes, the focus has been on improving each specific size to optimize the real world performance. Larger sizes have more forward shaping with a tighter lower leech for better acceleration and more efficiency in higher apparent winds. The middle sizes have focused on a deeper shape with more drive balanced by a slight softening in the feel. The small sizes have been re-designed with less luff curve to make a softer more forgiving sail.

Foot angles have also been addressed and have been raised to provide more rake angle options. All sizes have been lightened and the patches strengthened with extensive use of Technora. The visibility has been improved by changing the lower leech panel to clear film.


GPS  5.0 400 158 370 4.6
GPS  5.5 415 167 400 5.0
GPS  6.0 441 173 430 5.2
GPS  6.6 463 188 430 5.5
GPS  7.3 479 201 460 5.7
luff boom mast weight
GPS  8.0 489 221 460 6.2
GPS  9.0 509 229 490 6.5


Morgan and his KS3 winning ways!

Morgan Noireaux, 20 years old winning the 2014 PWA Aloha Classic. This guy has got the moves and the style, the skills and the calmness to be a ruthless competitor.

Morgan is so stoked on the KS3 sails and has commented that he wished, he had invented them when he was 16! There is no question, these sails have help his sailing, and allow hi to push his limits, and to recover and continue when things go south. They are every sailors next wet dream.

Kauli’s epic Teahupo’o wave and ensuing media storm!

Kauli Motion

Kauli Seadi’s honeymoon trip to Tahiti and the Tuamoto islands turned int the best day of windsurfing he ever experienced. The peak of the trip was the biggest day ever windsurfed at the globally famous Teahupo’o surf break. In fact it was nearly the only day with size that has ever been sailed in normal windsurf wind.  The video and images that came out of that day have snuck out on the web here and there, but now they grace the printed pages of 2 national magazines, WINDSURF UK, and MOTION from the Netherlands. I wonder where he may show up next!?!?


In case you missed the video footage of that day, your encouraged to look at it here now! Sailing his own design KS3 sail from Hot Sails Maui, he was in complete control with the super stable 3 batten sail until…well you’ll see.




2014 Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux rides HOT to WIN!

SM14_ls_Morgan_celebratesA 20 year old  student at University of Hawaii Maui College, mild mannered Morgan Noireaux has stunned the world today by winning the 2014 PWA Aloha Classic in near mast high waves. Not only did Morgan win, but he won the final heat against the newly crowned 2014 PWA world wave sailing champion Thomas Traversa, minutes after Thomas had been confirmed tour winner. SM14_wv_Morgan_on_firemorgan1-0Morgan showed off his fluid, yet stealthy wave sailing style excecuting the most advanced maneuvers with such apparent ease that they shocked the spectators and judges alike. Morgan sails exclusively on Hot Sails Maui KS3 sails developed by his team mate Kauli Seadi and the design team of Jeffrey Henderson and Tom Hammerton at their Maui loft.1901300_870973182926339_508692200454500202_nMorgan was joined in success with team mate Glenn Haselbeck who won 1st place on his 5.0m Firelight sail in the men’s amateur division which was stacked with 63 of Maui’s finest local sailors.

A huge Congratulations to Morgan on this first ever win for Hot Sails Maui in the men’s pro division of the Aloha Classic here on Maui!


Danish Championship Wave/Freestyle 2014

Danish Championships

From the 16th october – 18th october we had the Danish Wave/Freestyle Championships, and as usual it took place around the area of Cold Hawaii.

Two of Hot Sails Maui’s National team riders competed in Wave and Freestyle. We have had a talk with Andreas Larsen and Martin Løkkegaard about the competitions.


Martin and Andreas – Testing the conditions

Andreas Larsen competed in both wave and freestyle:

Thursday we scored really nice waves and northeasterly wind, at reef in Klitmøller. I was up against the living legend Lars Petersen, who knocked me out in the first round and we only had time for one single elimination, so that was it for me. Lars took the victory and can now once again call himself Danish Wave Champion. Congratulation!!

Andreas Larsen - Danish Championship Wave

Andreas Larsen – Danish Championship Wave

Friday we had no wind, but saturday we moved the competition area to Krik. A freestyle spot south of Klitmøller, but with the wind from south it made it really tricky and choppy condition. The wind was a bit up and down, but most of the day, we all sailed 4,4 – 5,0. It was a really nice day with a lot of action on the water. And through the 8 participants I could at the end claim my first windsurf victory, and the Danish Freestyle championships, which just made it even better!!

Danish Champion Freestyle 2014

Andreas Larsen – Danish Freestyle Champion 2014

Andreas Larsen Danish Freestyle Champion

Andreas Larsen – Freestyle Pro 4.8

I was on my freestyle pro 4,8, and my wichcraft Ouija 94 freestyleboard.
It was such a nice competition, lets hope for the same next year!

– Andreas

Andreas Larsen - Danish Championship Freestyle 2014Freestyle Pro 4.8


Martin Løkkegaard competed in wave:

I believe we all had a great time at the Danish Wave/Freestyle championships in Klitmøller this fall. Totally unexpected, the wind and waves arrived in Klitmøller and we ended up having some quite good starboard conditions for the wave part of the competition, which was awesome. 🙂

Klitmøller always seems to deliver the goods. Though I got knocked out in the first round, I went home with a lot of motivation and will be ready for 2015 🙂

Danish Championship - Qu4d 4.8

Martin Løkkegaard – Qu4d 4.3

Look out world- Wiley is nine now.

I have always been awed by this young boy’s gumption, lack of fear and complete dedication to windsurfing, but these new photos just blow my mind. Wiley Daniels who lives on Oahu and that means he does not get to sail very often is simply ripping off the charts. Here he is photographed at Toes on the south side by his friend and neighbor Kimo Brown. There is no doubt about where he is on the wave, and how to hit the lip at just the right time to get maximum air on his off the lip. This knowledge must have come hard wired into his DNA, because this is not as easy as he makes it look. And then there is the fear factor. It simply does not seem to be part of his emotions. Fearless.

IMG_3950IMG_3951IMG_3953IMG_3954IMG_3955Kimo is sailing on his Hot Sails Maui KS3 2.7m or 3.0m in this light wind. That should give you some feeling for his actual size.

Look for more action as he attends the AWT Maui event next month.


A 10 year old’s cloudy day windsurfing

IMG_3817Dax Barker windsurfs on a dull cloudy day on Maui, but still has something to show. Ever wonder how to complete those jibes that stall half way thought the turn? Watch Dax manage them flawlessly. Have a problem with those lighter wind water starts? Dax shows you on his 2.6m and 55L board how he does it. Don’t you wish it was this easy?

2015 Hot Sails Maui Firelight


Andreas Martinez bottom turns on the first swell of the season on the New C1 Firelight 4.7m

Maui’s first Northwest swell hit this week and we had chance to get some action on the 2015 Firelight 4.7m at Hookipa. The new sail is a tuned up version of the previous year’s Firelights and built to take bit more of a beating than the original Firelights. The shape has been changed to hold the draft further forward in the boom area. Batten pockets are normal Dacron for great durability. The monofilm window goes higher up the front of the sail making for better visibility too.


The 2015 Firelight colors. Note the Orange color shown on the C1 and C2 are glow in the dark florescent orange, not the muted orange shown on your screen. C4 yellow is also the florescent yellow or chartreuse.

Hot Sails Maui 2015 QU4D peek.

2015QU4D_FNLColorsMRA quick peak at the 2015 QU4D sails on windy, but pretty flat Maui summer slop. The new QU4Ds have the same outline with a slightly modified luff curve to place the draft a little more forward. The sail is definitely stronger built with the same fabric layout  as the KS3. Color shown is C1. Jeff Henderson and Kieran Devaney were really overpowered sailing 4.7m and 5.0m respectively in too much wind gusting to 35mph.

SpeedFreak custom sails

Since we launched the SpeedFreak sails in 2012 we have been selling mostly stock colors. However we have had a number of custom sails requested that we have made too.  These are some of the sail we have made to date and people have requested to see them, so finally I post here. Enjoy!

To order a custom SpeedFreak no matter where you are in the world, you will have to start with designing the colors with Maui. Just email Jeff at maui.hot@gmail.com and et started. Eventually we may make a nice custom color picker, but not likely to be this season.Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 4.07.07 PM   Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 4.07.22 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 4.07.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 4.07.42 PM